Dez Joseph

Dez Joseph

Moving from St. Croix to the Bronx with his family was certainly a major change in Dez’s childhood but it really was just an early indicator about how things in his world would often transform for the better. Living in New York City has been a key part of Dez’s development over the years from the way he played music in his youth as a member of a jazz ensemble, NY All City Concert Band, travels across North America performing with a Drum and Bugle Corp, to walking upon a street sign from the World Rehab Fund about opportunities to become an orthotic and prosthetic technician.

Dez quickly learned what a prosthetic and orthotic technician did and how that work really appealed to him personally. He got to work with his hands, he got to solve problems while making things, and most importantly, he got to help people. Dez quickly developed his skills working several years as a technician. The next step was achieving his credentials as an ABC Certified Prosthetic and Orthotic Technician. Dez then proceeded to make the next big change in his life by going back to school to become a prosthetist and orthotist. Dez graduated in 2008 and became an ABC Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist.

Since his graduation and certification, Dez has continued to grow his skills and experience to better care for his full range of both orthotic and prosthetic patients. He has become proficient in providing a full range of sophisticated technologies in orthotics and prosthetics including a variety of microprocessor knees and ankles, an assortment of different vacuum suspension options, and advanced orthotic bracing solutions. Over the past several years, Dez has specialized in helping a large number of upper limb prosthetic patients with a wide range of treatment options including myoelectric systems, partial hand solutions, and very unique socket technologies. In addition, Dez has worked in the past with Project Hope to help under privileged patients in Belize with their orthotic and prosthetic needs.

When he’s not helping to restore function with his patients, Dez enjoys spending time with his children, traveling, restoring old furniture, and the occasional fishing adventure.

Email: [email protected]