What is an Orthotist?

An Orthotic Specialist, or Orthotist, is an expert trained in addressing various deformities and biomechanic pathologies through the use of orthotics. By custom-designing orthotic braces, we aim to enhance body biomechanics, ensuring an optimal gait and function. Our orthotic treatments are tailored to meet individual needs, offering support and correction that lead to improved daily living and mobility.

What brace is right for me?

During your evaluation, our Orthotic Specialist, in collaboration with your referring physician, will devise a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. With a wide array of orthotic devices available, we are equipped to address various types of scenarios. The Orthotist’s expertise is crucial in selecting the most effective orthotic solution for you, ensuring that you receive the right fit to support and enhance your body’s biomechanics. Our goal is to provide you with an orthotic treatment that not only aligns with your medical requirements but also improves your overall quality of life.

What should I expect during my appointment?

During your appointment, our specialized Orthotist will conduct a thorough initial evaluation to understand your unique orthotic needs. This comprehensive assessment may involve observing your gait (ambulation) or performing a detailed anatomical evaluation. Our goal is to identify the most effective orthotic solutions tailored specifically to enhance your mobility and comfort.

Will I get a custom brace or a prefabricated brace?

Depending on the device that is deemed appropriate by your orthotist determines the next step. This may involve taking a custom mold of the anatomy involved. Custom devices aren’t always necessary, sometimes pre-fabricated devices are most appropriate. In this case a few simple measurements are taken, and the device is fit to the patient. Its always a good idea to wear loose clothing or even bring a pair of shorts for your appointment, this will allow the orthotist to measure or cast you.

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