What is a Prosthetist?

A Prosthetist is a practitioner who is trained in the design and customization of artificial and prosthetic limbs, including artificial legs and prosthetic hands, allowing individuals to return to their prior activities. They will also work with you to provide you with an affordable prosthetic option.

What prosthesis is right for me?

During your initial evaluation, the prosthetist, working closely with your referring physician, will develop a personalized treatment and prosthetic care plan tailored to your specific needs. With a variety of prosthetic devices available, we ensure that each patient, whether highly active or with unique requirements, receives the optimal prosthetic solution. Our experienced prosthetists are dedicated to addressing the individual needs of all types of patients, ensuring comfort and functionality in each prosthetic.

What should I expect during my appointment?

During your appointment, the Prosthetist will do an initial evaluation of your needs. Often this will include watching you ambulate and doing an anatomical evaluation. Your Prosthetist will explain all the different options and what is right for you, including detailed information on your prosthetic foot, prosthetic hand, or prosthetic leg. This process is never rushed, we are here to help you get back to a normal routine.

First, we evaluate the patient to determine their needs and how the prosthesis will be used throughout the patient’s typical day.

Next, approximately one week later, the residual limb is measured and we start casting.

After another week, the test socket is fitted and training to use the prosthesis begins.

Once the patient is satisfied with the fit, the prosthesis is laminated.

Then, the laminated prosthesis is delivered to the patient.

Finally, there’s a regular follow-up within three months to make sure everything is going well.

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On-site fabrication is an incredible asset and resource that we provide to our patients. We can immediately create custom designs that can fit our patients’ needs and creates efficiency within the process.